The reasons for the existence of the BMW X6 remain a mystery to most who have seen it, including yours truly. In spite of that, BMW soldiers on with its sports activity coupe and next year it will be the first member of the Bavarian lineup to get the two-mode hybrid system. A prototype of the X6 ActiveHybrid has been spotted out and about wearing almost no camouflage. The absent camo has revealed a lump in the hood which no other current X6 possesses. The hybrid X6 is expected to pair the twin-turbo 4.4L V8 currently available with a two-mode hybrid transmission manufactured by Mercedes Benz. It would probably make more sense if BMW combined the 3.0L six cylinder with the hybrid drive, but then little about this vehicle makes sense anyway. The hybrid transmission is part of the joint development project between GM, Chrysler, Daimler and BMW and uses the same technology that's in the GM and Chrysler hybrid SUVs. The X6 hybrid will probably make its debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January.
[Source: World Car Fans]

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