Click above for high-res gallery of the Renault Sanderos Sand'up Concept

Renault has thankfully brought more to the Sao Paulo Auto Show than just an F1 edition of its inexpensive Dacia Sandero with racy decals and a bodykit. The other car in its display is another Sandero, but this one is much cooler. Called the Sandero Sand'up concept, it's a 2+2 beach runabout that can go from a closed hard-top coupe to a convertible pickup thanks to its modular design. While not the freshest idea to appear on a concept, the Sand'up is charming enough with its big wheel arches, satin nickel roof rail arches and see-through doors. The first concept by Renault to be designed entirely in South America, the Sand'up is not surprisingly powered by a 1.6L Hi-Flex engine that produces 107 hp on gasoline and 112 hp on ethanol, the latter of which is a more popular fuel below the equator than above at the moment.

[Source: Renault]

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