Starting right about now (1 pm Pacific time), the folks from Better Place will hop onto the Seesmis video conversation channel and talk about what's new with the Australia announcement. I'll be listening in and updating this post with any news, but if you want to join in yourself, set up and account quickly and watch here (No, I don't get how a Seesmic video conversation works, either).

4:10 pm EST: I've added the video embed code after the jump, but it doesn't look like anything's started yet. Pacific time means California time, not Australia time, right?

4:21 pm: Ok, things are starting. Second video embedded after the jump.

5 pm: An hour in, and only three parts to the conversation thus far (and all from Better Place or Seesmic reps). We'll check in later to see if anyone's furthered the discussion.

better place partners to bring electric vehicles to australia

Better Place conversation on SeesmicBetter Place introduces themselves to Seesmic Community... hoping to engage in ongoing discussions.

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