General Motors and Cerberus reportedly want to act as quickly as possible if they are going to make a move on Chrysler. It seems that the two bargainers would like to come to a decision before the upcoming Presidential elections, as they believe they may get more promises from either candidate before the actual vote takes place. A potential problem exists though, as General Motors is finding it tough to come up with the cash needed to make a deal happen and banks aren't about the lend it to them. An alternative option that's being considered is getting government backing for the deal.

Though it sounded hard to believe when we first heard the GM/Chrysler merger rumors, it truly appears that these talks are taking place at a very high level and the deal could indeed be on its way to. We'll just need to pay close attention in the next few weeks to the reactions from the Feds, the UAW and the thousands of workers that would inevitably be affected by the deal. Stay tuned.

[Sources: The Detroit News, Market Watch, Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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