Top Gear's grand plan to help Britain rebuild its empire has taken another baby step today with the launch of the combined U.S./Canadian portal of The curious thing is that this new Yank-ified version of has absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming Top Gear USA show on NBC. Rather, it's just a U.S. version of the Brit-based website that promotes the original show with airings on BBC America here in the States, as well as the dead-tree edition available on newsstands. Instead of info on where Adam Corolla and his new crew stand, you get a smorgasbord of greatest hits clips from the original show, as well as some new content that's specific to the U.S./Canadian site. Case in point is a feature on demolition derbies produced in the U.S. with a teaser vid done up Top Gear-style (i.e. fast cuts with vignetting around the edges). We'd rather peruse archived clips of the original show, like this 11-minute video of Jezza's review of the original Cadillac CTS-V. We already know he likes the new one, but are waiting patiently for it to be properly flogged on the show this coming season.

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