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I feel so affirmed right now after reading Jeremy Clarkson's latest car review in the Times of London. After the rightfully-deserved savaging Clarkson gave the Chrysler Sebring last week in addition to some of the things he 's saidover the years on Top Gear, you might have the impression that the man hates American cars. Apparently, nothing could be further from the truth. He just hates bad American cars. Put the guy behind the wheel of a truly great car built here and he might just fall in love. So when the time came for Jezza to recommend a new car for the tamed racing driver known as the Stig, the obvious first choice was the vaunted BMW M5.

Well, it's obvious until you start considering gas costs nearly $10 a gallon in Britain now. Since any suitable car would not get significantly better fuel economy, the other option was to go with a less expensive machine, in this case the Cadillac CTS-V. While the first-generation CTS-V was not as sophisticated as one might have expected, the new model can reasonably be said to be better than the M5 in almost every respect. Equally important in this context is the £19,000 savings compared to the M5. The slightly light steering is easily overlooked given everything else it does so well and so quickly that Clarkson affirms our first driving impressions of the CTS-V. Thanks to Mike for the tip!

[Source: Times of London]

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