Audi employs fleet of snow plows to make a point

Click above to enlarge the Audi-sponsored snow plows

Thanks to an alert reader, we have a good look at Audi's most recent advertising campaign in Toronto. It's a bit odd, but extremely unique, involving snow plows and huge signs proclaiming that "Winter is Coming." Indeed it is, and depending on where you live, winter could potentially put an end to your driving fun. As you're surely aware, though, one of Audi's selling points is its Quattro all-wheel drive system, which aids in traction over a variety of surfaces, including snow. According to our tipster, this particular stunt proved successful in that it definitely grabs attention, "People were putting down their Starbucks so you know it has to be a good ad campaign," says our man on the streets of Toronto. For what it's worth, this appears to be the second year in a row that Audi has used this advertising campaign. Thanks for the tip, Dylan!

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