Click above for a high-res gallery of the Mazda Kazamai concept

According to president and CEO James Muir, the company would like to go a bit upmarket, attracting buyers looking for an aspirational brand. We're okay with that as long as Mazda's don't lose their sporty edge in the process. To make the transition, the automaker is looking to offer more variations of models already in its line and to add a few new ones. A new entry-level model could show up first, drawing styling cues from the company's radical concept cars such as the Kiyora concept recently shown as the Paris Motor Show. That new city car could be known as the Mazda1. A small crossover is also on the drawing board and was previewed by the awesome Kazamai concept from Moscow.

Also present and accounted for is the rumor that just won't die: a new RX-7, which would undoubtedly be powered by a version of Mazda's unique Renesis rotary engine. We'd expect the new RX to be a bit more than just an RX-8 with its rear doors lopped off, as the 7 has always been Mazda's top performer. That new halo car would complement the more aggressive MX-5 that the automaker is currently working on.

[Source: Autocar]

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