Moscow 2008: Mazda Kazamai concept officially unveiled

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Mazda Kazamai concept.

Mazda pulled out all the awkwardly executed stops for the reveal of the Kazamai concept, including four sets of dancers, guys in neon-pink shorts on roller skates and a 40-man Russian singing troop in Soviet-style dress. We couldn't make this stuff up if we tried, but what better way to kick off our coverage of the Moscow International Auto Salon.

Despite the strange theatrics, the Kazamai is one of our favorite Nagare-themed concepts since the Furai and Kabura. Then again, we're suckers for two-door crossovers. The Kazamai blends the "flow" theme we've seen on several other concepts with a more aerodynamic body and a slightly toned-down demeanor. Could this be a hint at the future of the CX-7? Don't count it out. But if it does head to production, we'll take it in a three-door package equipped with the MS3's drivetrain... and all-wheel-drive.

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