Click above for more teaser shots of the T.25 concept

Gordon Murray has very big ideas, but sometimes those ideas turn into something very small indeed. Such is the case with the T.25, which is the twenty-fifth unique design to come out of the man's head. Past projects include the McLaren F1 and the Rocket, two vehicles that weren't quite in the same mold as the Type 25. Unlike those past supercars, the T.25 will be a car meant for the city and unique in that they will be extremely low in cost to build and ship. Indeed, looking over some early teaser shots of the new car, it is easy to see just how tiny it is, except for one dimension: height. Perhaps some of the lost space is made up by making the cars sit a bit taller than its most natural competitors. When compared to such cars as the MINI and the FIAT 500 -- both past and present -- the T.25 appears quite a bit shorter in length and narrower. We'll know more soon enough, but be sure to check out the gallery below to tide you over till then. Thanks for the tip, Andre!

[Source: Gordon Murray Design]

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