General Motors has announced that it will close its Grand Rapids metal and die plant by the end of 2009. The announcement comes one day after the General said it would close its Janesville, Wisconsin-based SUV assembly plant by the end of 2008, and one week after it announced the same production end date at its Moraine, OH plant. The closure of the Grand Rapids metal and die plant won't make the same waves as the two assembly plants, but the facility employs a substantial 1,340 hourly workers and another 180 salaried employees, which is more than Janesvile or Moraine. The employees are eligible for 48 weeks of supplemented unemployment that adds up to the majority of their base wage, followed by a trip to GM's job bank. Three plant closings in two weeks is a lot, but with Oshawa truck and Toluca still scheduled for closure, there are still more doors to shutter in the days ahead.
[Source: Detroit News]

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