Honda's S2000 may not be the newest thing on the market, but that doesn't mean it'll be easy to improve upon. The balance is sublime, the driving environment is nearly perfect, and it really comes alive after 6,000 rpm. Fashion probably drives the automotive landscape more than technical superiority, so Honda's been working on a replacement for its S2000. While the Open Study Model that broke cover in London is officially a design study, conjecture holds that it may portend the direction of Honda design language, even though Honda insists that the OSM is not the successor to the S2000.
Road and Track has whipped up a rendering that doesn't look any better than the current S2000's purity of line, but seems a credible stab at how an S3000 may appear. There's a bit too much Acura TL in the lines for our tastes, and the thought of a V6 from the same car thrumming under the coupe's hood doesn't set our enthusiast hearts a-beating. Much of the fun in an S2000 is keeping the high-output four cylinder on boil. A wealth of low-end torque would drastically change the car's character, likely not for the better. Since it's all conjecture anyway, we'll also throw out the chatter about possible hybrid powertrain for this model, too. While reality will answer all of this speculation eventually, we're just going to have to spend the ensuing days getting as much seat time as we can in the S2000.

[Source: Road and Track]

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