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Toyota's entry-level and hip Scion brand needs a bit of a pick-me-up, as the marque's sales are down even in the face of high fuel prices here in the United States. Scion could end up getting that new product it so desperately needs in the form of Toyota's radical new iQ. According to Motor Trend, the new iQ will make its debut in production form as a Scion at the upcoming LA Auto Show, and your humble scribes will be in attendance. If true, the new iQ will give Scion an edgy new product to do battle with the likes of the smart fortwo.

Toyota's iQ features a novel new 3+1 seating arrangement, which allows three normal-sized adults plus one extra spot behind the driver for small kids or an adult in emergencies. Its closest competitor in size, the fortwo, seats only two adults. We'll see if this rumor, which would be very good news for Scion, turns out to be true when we get to LA.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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