When Toyota invited reporters to Portland last month for the Sustainable Mobility Seminar, we were greeted at the baggage claim with tickets for the Portland public rail system. Here in Chicago for GM's biofuels conference, we were met at the airport by a driver in an Escalade (and not the hybrid one that's pictured above, either). I know that Portland's public transportation system is one of the best in the country, but still.

GM had specified that only GM vehicles be used in getting us to the hotel, the driver told me and when I asked if there was any ethanol in the tank, he said there's probably E10, because that's what the pump sticker says, but no go on E85. He admitted that his company doesn't even have any vehicles that run on E85. I appreciated the ride to the hotel, but couldn't pass up the chance to share this little tidbit. Some real coverage of the conference coming right up.

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