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There are six modded Genesis' planned for SEMA: three coupes, three sedans. The coupes have been worked over by Street Concepts, HKS, and Rhys Millen. A rendering of the first tricked-out Genesis sedan from RKSport has rumbled onto the page, and it looks less like competition for the 5 Series than it does a challenger to the Death Star. The Platinum Silver sedan will wear carbon fiber accessories and a couple of spoilers as it hunkers on its oversized TSW wheels.

RKSport's take on this car is to raise the performance stakes, and it's going to have Hyundai's help doing it. The whipped cream on the sunday will be a K&N air intake, Magnaflow exhaust, Eibach springs, Baer brakes, and a body kit. The sunday itself consists of performance upgrades that Hyundai is giving to the car's Tau V8 engine. The Korean automaker is hush-hush on those changes, but they're probably good for a bump in the numbers in all the right places. And since you can't drive the cars at SEMA, they'll probably look and sound pretty good, too.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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