Sure, you could do the math yourself, but why not let a website figure out how far you can drive on $100? AutoblogGreen reader Brad B. has started up just such a site, called, unsurprisingly, How Far For $100. The site allows you to compare vehicle makes, models or fuel types and see just how far a car can go on $100 worth of fuel. The problem is that this is just a guess, as the $100 is "spent" using yesterday's national average gasoline price. While that's a solid method for looking at how cars perform in general, if you'd like to know how far your own car can go on $100, you'd need a way to input your local price. Of course, now we're back to doing the math ourselves.

Another addition I'd like to see is the ability to add in plug-in vehicles to the list, even currently unavailable models like the Volt and Aptera. For $100 worth of electricity, you can go quite a distance. It'd be fun to see the cars that will be available in two or three years arrayed today in the visual chart that Brad has built. Just a thought.

[Source: How Far For 100]

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