Click for a gallery of the Honda Insight concept

Honda this week launched its first blog in conjunction with the debut of the new Insight concept in Paris. If Honda's usual practice and the spy photos we've seen are any indication, the concept Insight that is on the show stand right now will be almost identical to the production model coming next spring. While the Insight's profile undoubtedly shares a lot with the Toyota Prius, it also differs in many design details. The Insight has more surface development than the Prius including the belt-line and rocker panel creases that help catch the light and make the look more interesting. The Insight also has a less distinct peak in the roof than the Toyota giving a sleaker look to the green house. The primary elements that are likely to change in going to production are the lights with the concepts fancy clusters giving way to something a little more conventional. You can check video of the Paris reveal and running footage of the Insight after the jump.

[Source: Honda]

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