Click above for more shots of the Morgan Space design study

Morgan seems to relish its past; so much so that it still builds cars with frames hewn from ash wood. How could such a company move forward with its designs while giving a clear nod to its history? May we suggest getting in contact with Georgian designer Vladimer Kobakhidze, who penned the Morgan Space concept seen in the gallery below.

Looking over the renderings, this concept is obviously a Morgan, but features a more modern and aerodynamic look. It's very similar to the direction the automaker itself took with the Aeromax -- a design we almost but not quite like. Pontoon-like front fenders blend into a tight waistline that then flows back into the wide rear haunches. The whole car culminates in an boattail-like point at the rear. Like current Morgan production machines, power would come from BMW but the craftsmanship and panache would be classically British, with wood and leather covering every interior surface. Unfortunately, this is nothing more than a design exercise; don't expect to ever see it for real.

[Source: Diseno-art]

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