Helio Castroneves has known only success in pretty much everything he's ever attempted, whether it be open-wheel racing or his fancy footwork on Dancing with the Stars. But the Brazilian-born driver is going to need more than quick feet and a knack for racing to get the Internal Revenue Service off his back. The two-time Indy 500 champ, along with his sister/business manager and lawyer, is in a world of legal hurt after being indicted by the IRS on six counts of tax evasion, which could send the talented driver to prison for up to 35 years. Castroneves was allegedly using an offshore bank account to hide millions of dollars from the U.S. government, which is a really bad idea, especially if you get caught. He received a $1 million driver agreement and $5 million licensing agreement from Penske racing for 2000-2002, and he allegedly stuffed the $5 million into an offshore account via a deferred royalty plan for which he wasn't eligible. For its part, the IRS seems intent on making an example out of Castroneves, saying "This case sends a clear message that the IRS is committed to vigorously enforcing the lax laws and stopping offshore tax evasion."

[Source: Market Watch, Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty]

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