The latest newsletter from Aptera has arrived and we can now inform you of their most recent interesting updates. As expected, the company is about to begin the process of moving much of their current crowded facility to their new, close-by Vista, CA location. The new shop will contain some offices, the R&D lab and, of course, space to begin series production of the all-new Mk-1. I say "all-new" because, as you may have noticed in the above renderings, there have been some "refinements" made to the super efficient three-wheeler which they say make it safer and even more efficient. Holding their cards close to their chest, the company would not elaborate about which or how many of these changes would appear on the final production version but they should be making those revelations in their next newsletter.

The latest rendering seems to stretch and lower our wingless friend which might allow them to give it a slightly narrower track. This version also adds side-view mirrors to an otherwise sleek exterior but we don't know if they are permanent since the side-view cameras are maintained. Interestingly, the rear-view camera gets its own little dorsal-fin enclosure that has been spotted on some pre-production Mk-1 out there in the wild. The other noticable change is the addition of another window behind the door. We're not sure if this is one of the permanent changes though perhaps it could be if the company gets enough positive feedback from its fans. Though seemingly brief, the newsletter does contain a nice chat between founder Steve Fambro and the company's new CEO, Paul Wilbur and hints about an all-new website coming soon.

[Source: Aptera]

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