Not long ago, we got some very brief seat-time on an early version of the Quantya electric dirtbike. We had a great time on it, but we never managed to bring it inside our apartment or on our roof. Thankfully, somebody else did, and they documented it all for your viewing pleasure. Our friend Wes Siler over at Jalopnik was the lucky tester and he had plenty to say about the all-electric machine. Like most people, the first thing that Wes seemed to notice was the lack of sound from the two-wheeler, which is not something you'd normally associate with a dirtbike. That's what led to the indoor antics, we'd imagine.

The latest Quantya Strada is street-legal and is capable of traveling at up to 50 miles per hour. Range? About 25 miles with the standard battery back. All for a cost of $10,700 for the road-going model, a bit less if you're only interested in riding off the beaten path. Now, let's see about getting ourselves some seat-time on the new model.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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