Click above for a gallery of the Chevy Orlando

Live images of the Chevy Orlando, possibly shot during GM's own photo session, have surfaced online, showing the seven-seat crossover in all its conceptual glory ahead of its unveiling at the Paris Motor Show next week.

The Orlando shares the same Delta II platform as the Chevy Cruze, with power provide by a 2.0-liter turbodiesel, and blends some traditional Chevy styling cues with a blocky, upright silhouette and show-friendly lighting tricks. Unlike other pie-in-the-sky concepts, the Orlando's interior looks downright drivable, with two-tone leather seats, a traditional steering wheel and a center stack that wouldn't shouldn't look out of place on anything rolling off the General's assembly line.

All the details and plenty of live images from the show floor are coming in just over a week. But in the meantime, check the gallery below.


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