Most of the rumors in recent months have indicated that LG Chem/CPI have the upper hand and are likely to be chosen by General Motors to supply the lithium ion battery packs for the Chevrolet Volt. However, there are plenty of electric drive vehicle projects out there and just because A123 systems may not get the Volt business, it doesn't mean they are completely out. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Massachusetts based battery maker may be in the running to supply energy storage systems to Chrysler for that companies ER-EV. During a nationwide video conference today with dealers today, Chrysler is expected to show a preview of the challenger it is developing to the Volt. ABG asked Chrysler about attending the video conference which will be held in 100 movie theaters around the country but was told the event was for dealers only. However, a spokesman told ABG that we would see the new ER-EV "very, very soon." We'll be watching to see if the tortoise can come from behind and beat the hare, even though the long-eared one hasn't been napping of late.
[Source: Wall Street Journal]

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