Click the image above for a hi-res gallery of the Chevy Orlando

The Chevy Orlando, due to be revealed at next month's Paris Motor Show, has turned tail and the rendering doesn't look half-bad. It's mildly reminiscent of the Audi A2 from way back when, in an exaggerated, chunked-up way, and we get a little Volvo feeling from the sculpted area of the rear lights. Overall, we give it a thumbs up.

The Orlando is a compact seven-seater, and the dip in the rear roofline means that those last to occupants might need to be especially compact. However, the intended audience is probably not the local WNBA team, so the kids should fit just fine. With a hot front and rear, and an interior that nearly qualifies as dreamy, this is the kind of thing we're looking forward to checking out in the flesh. Stay tuned for Paris...

[Source: GM]

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