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Remember when we told you that GM plans to make more money off of its small cars by upping its prices? Well, as far as the Cruze is concerned, not only do they plan to charging substantially more than the outgoing Cobalt, they might demand more cash than a comparably equipped Corolla, Civic, or Focus. According to GM, that's because it needs to make more per car than Honda or Toyota.

With the average Civic rolling away for $19,184, GM doesn't have a lot of room to play before hitting the $20,000 ceiling. And if GM was to get an average price of $19,500 for the Cruze, that would be a $3,000 premium over the current (average) price for the Cobalt. That still gives no indication of how much money GM would actually be making on the car, though.

Design honcho Ed Welburn feels the car's styling and interior will justify the extra dosh, and said he believes "we have some very unique content and materials that are in the vehicle." Conviction is a good start, and if they can back it up the verdict might go their way. For that, we have to wait for the jury of consumers to decide.

[Source: IHT]

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