How NOT to protect your car from a hurricane

It's not funny. Okay, maybe it's worth a chortle. It's also likely not effective, but if you don't want your early '90s vintage Buick Century to be washed or blown away by nature's fury, you try stuff. Besides, if you're in the midst of an evacuation frenzy, what do you really have time to do? It looks like this owner had the opportunity to toss a carpet on the roof and use what looks like a garden hose to hopefully keep the Buick from washing into the next county. Perhaps the carpet is indicative that the car might make a gnarly floating platform once the flood hits, and what better way to show off than by sipping Pepper Eaters on the only carpeted raft in town as the eye passes overhead? Turning a tree into an impromptu mooring will keep the potential party barge in the harbor, too. Since the Century won't float for too long without some aftermarket modifications, and hurricanes are no fun, especially when they're the size of Texas, we'll just hope that this person's car and carpet weathered the storm unscathed.

[Source: Digg]

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