Chevy to temporarily halt Vette production due to economy

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It's been more than a decade since the "recession-proof" Chevrolet Corvette had to endure a production cut due to excess dealer inventory, but that's apparently the case once again. Citing slow sales related to the ongoing automotive recession, GM will turn off the Corvette's factory lights during the week of October 6th. When Vette assembly resumes the following week, production will be scaled back to 15 cars per hour (normal speed is 18.5 cars per hour). Unfortunately, GM says layoffs will accompany the new schedule at the Bowling Green facility, with up to 75 workers losing their jobs. While surprising, the news isn't entirely unexpected. Corvette sales were down 8.5 percent for the year through August of 2008. They only rebounded after GM included the model in its employee pricing sale... and we all know a shot in the arm like that won't hold out over time.

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[Source: Automotive News]

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