U.K. drivers being overcharged for fuel?

Nobody wants to pay more for fuel than they need to. This may especially be true in the UK where, due in large part to heavy taxes, both gas and diesel are much more expensive than they are in the States. Regardless of how much it's taxed, though, as the price for a barrel of crude goes down, so should the cost of fuel for the end consumer, at least in theory. It seems that this isn't entirely the case across the pond, where an investigation is currently underway into current fuel prices. When compared to the last time the bulk price of crude was comparable to what it is now, the price at the pump is notably higher. Sure, there's more to the price of a gallon of petrol than how much the refiner paid for its stock, but even after allowing for these adjustments, many believe that the UK population is being overcharged. Sounds like a common sentiment the world over.

[Source: What Car?]

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