Take a sneak peek at Top Gear Australia

Going through Top Gear withdrawals? It's understandable. In lieu of mind-altering drugs, may we suggest watching a video of the new Australian crew doing their best Clarkson, May and Hammond impressions? All right, what do we see here? There's a bright yellow Lotus, a ridiculously long Hummer limo, supercars galore and plenty of smoking tires. Of course, the three hosts, Charlie Cox, Warren Brown, and Steve Pizzati, are present and accounted for as well, as is The Stig's Australian clone. Looks like fun, though there's something not quite right about those accents.

If this video was enough to whet your appetite, there's good news. The first episode will debut on Monday September 29 -- right around the corner. For those of us who don't get Australian television channels, the interwebs are sure to come to the rescue in no time flat. Let the countdown commence.
[Source: SBS via Jalopnik]

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