RoboScooter still a go, could cost less than $2K

At the beginning of this year, we first reported on the RoboScooter, which at that time was still a concept. The two-wheeler was designed through a collaboration of three companies including SYM, the second largest scooter manufacturer in Taiwan and a highly reputable company. According to recent reports, SYM has big plans for its electrically-driven scooter and hopes to see the machine on public roads in Taiwan sometime in the second half of next year. Powered by a lithium ion battery and hub motors, there would be no pollution coming from the scooter and the machine would cost mere cents to operate per mile. Plus, the aluminum-intensive structure would ensure light weight and easy handling, making the RoboScooter seem perfect for smaller urban settings. The manufacturer also sees the possibility for the easy replacement of batteries, greatly extending the range. While there's no telling if this machine will ever make it to the U.S., it is expected to cost NT$60,000 - about $1,968.

[Source: CENS via The Scooter Scoop]

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