NFL, players ordering bulletproof vehicles after Collier attack

Professional football players have been victims of gun violence on several occasions over the past year and a half, and investigators in the latest incident involving Carolina's Richard Collier say the offensive tackle was targeted. The NFL and some top athletes have had enough and contacted the Texas Armoring Corporation for help. The TAC creates custom bullet-proof vehicles for movie stars and public figures, and the company is a self-proclaimed expert at converting luxury vehicles into a blingtastic Brinks-mobile. The TAC says that 80-90% of attacks happen in the car, making armored vehicles a good option for those in the public eye. Professional athletes buying an armored car from the TAC can also get a professional threat assessment from two former CIA operatives.

A quick glance at the TAC website shows that you can get a Cadillac Escalade with 8,000 miles and the ability to stop an AK47 or M-16 for $147,000. That's a bit over blue book for a used SUV, but when considering that it has one-inch-thick glass and European B6 level protection, the six figure price tag isn't all that shocking. It's just sad that we're at the point athletes need a 9,000 lb, overstuffed SUV to get to the game in one piece.

[Source: Business Wire]

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