CAR spies the next Porsche 911, big changes coming in the next decade

has gotten its hands on the Porsche Cayman spy shots we featured earlier, along with a few new snaps of the next 911 undergoing testing. While the Boxster facelift – due to be unveiled at the LA Auto Show this November – and the tweaked Cayman – coming out early next year – won't be anything revolutionary, CAR has revealed speculated that big changes are underfoot for the 911, taking technology, power delivery and driver comfort to levels never thought possible in the iconic coupe. Check out what we're talking about after the jump.

The next 911, internally code-named the 991, is due out in late 2011 and will share several components with the 981 Boxster and Cayman. According to CAR's Porsche source, Mr. Durheimer, "The design can of course be evolutionary, but beneath the skin, almost anything is possible."

To the first point, Durheimer says that "there is no need for old-fashioned protruding door mirrors" and that the newly adopted pedestrian crash standards will cause Porsche to make obvious alterations to the front of the car. The rear will be reshaped to further enhance aerodynamics, along with a new active rear spoiler, adjustable front splitter, integrated "jet vents" in the wheel arches to keep the 911 planted at speed and a new floor pan design.

On the engineering front, the new dual-clutch PDK transmission will be around until 2018, when Porsche may implement a seven-speed CVT (!) into it's range-topping coupe. New materials are also part of the package, and with the knowledge gleaned from the Carrera GT, Porsche hopes to reduce the 911's curb weight by 10 percent through the use of composite materials replacing aluminum.

Within the next decade, Porsche plans to use more active steering and torque vectoring on its new models, along with next-generation PSM stability management, a water-level sensor to combat hydroplaning and, of all things, a parking system with a rear-mounted camera similar to that found on the Lexus LS range and some new Volkswagen products.

Big things are obviously on the way; too bad we'll have to wait 10 years to see if any of it comes to fruition.

[Source: CAR]

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