Forum Find: Custom MR2 with the Ultimate Car-Puter

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Upon first inspection, member LaroCroft's second-generation (SW20) Toyota MR2 is simply a tastefully modded example of a cult favorite. However, peer inside and all preconceived notions are immediately thrown out the targa top.

Any "For Sale" thread that requires "Knowledge in electronics, skills in PC technology and knowledge of programming (especially Visual Basic)" is a clear indication that things inside have gotten thoroughly out of hand. Just check out the gallery and you'll see what we're talking about.

The entire instrument cluster and center console have been replaced with three screens displaying every conceivable function and parameter of the MR2's systems. The trio of displays are controlled by either a touch screen interface or a center console-mounted knob (ala iDrive), and allows the drive to manipulate everything from fuel consumption to engine temp; climate control to GPS functions; mirrors, radar/laser, the wireless transfer of music from a home computer, lights, fog lights, and on and on and on.

It's pure insanity and incredibly cool. And the best part: it's for sale in Germany – assuming you've got the programming chops to actually leave your driveway.

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