Bolwell interested in electric Nagari supercar

Click above for larger shots of the Bolwell Nagari

Now that Tesla has tested the waters, some other not-as-well known companies have announced that they, too, would like to explore the electric supercar waters. Bolwell, makers of the Nagari revival in Australia, are the latest to throw their names into the ring. Like Tesla, the company is reportedly not interested in going the hybrid route - just as well considering that making two distinct sources of power work together is pretty tough, even for the big auto manufacturers. So far, no word on where the company would propose to get its motors or batteries. This fact, in addition to the fact that the firm's first model, which will be powered by a V6 internal combustion engine sourced from Toyota, has not yet gone up for sale, means that it could take a little while to see an Nagari EV on the streets. Oh well, we are never against the idea of more electric carmakers.

[Source: Auto Fiends]

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