Vegas dealer gets smart, quits Hummers

Despite the fact that Hummers are really no worse on gas than many other full-size, off-road oriented SUV, there is no arguing that the brand has come to represent all that is wrong in the state of the auto scene. As gas prices began rising, Hummer sales began sinking. In contrast, sales of hybrids, MINIs and smarts have gone through the roof. For its part, Penske, the American importer of the smart brand, has raised its sales outlook for the year. It's telling that one of the nation's largest Hummer dealers - located in Sin City no less - is closing its doors, despite the fact that the owner drives a Hummer and is still fond of the brand. Sales are just too slow, even in a city where people sometimes have more money than they know what to do with. In a rather unique twist, the ex-Hummer dealer's owner will soon be opening a smart dealership. How's that for irony?

[Source: Wall Street Journal / Photo: debcll, CC 2.0]

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