ROUSH Mustangs approved for NHRA competition

NHRA Stock Car drag racing has generally been reserved for vehicles with factory-spec powertrains, but for the first time the rule book is allowing vehicles with aftermarket parts to compete. Two versions of the ROUSH's supercharged powertrains -- the 430 horsepower V8 from the Stage 3 Mustang and the 510 horsepower V8 from the P-51A -- have been approved to race in the Stock and SuperStock classes. The Haas, Carrothers & Wagner Racing team has already lined up to race a ROUSH Mustang and is currently building the car around the Stage 3 powertrain. Follow the jump for the press release from ROUSH.

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[Source: ROUSH]


LIVONIA, Mich. (September 9, 2008) - Historically, the National Hot Rod Association has only approved powertrains for competition as they come from the factories in Detroit, but all that changed with the recent approval of the 2008 ROUSH® supercharged 4.6L V-8 in the Stage 3™ and P-51A™ Mustangs. It is believed that this is the first time the NHRA has approved an aftermarket powertrain for competition.

The ROUSH Mustangs will be allowed in the NHRA Stock and SuperStock categories as determined by the horsepower and shipping weight of the two vehicles. Coupe or convertible chassis will be allowed with a horsepower of 430 for the Stage 3 and 510 for the P-51A. The shipping weight of the ROUSH coupes is 3316 pounds, while a convertible weighs in at 3443 pounds.

Depending on the combination of coupe or convertible and the ROUSH Stage 3 or P-51A powertrain, the cars would be classified between AA Stock and B Stock or SuperStock A and F. For further details regarding the authorized modifications and safety requirements consult the NHRA rule book or visit

It is anticipated that the first team to campaign a ROUSH Mustang in NHRA competition will be Haas, Carrothers & Wagner Racing. The team, which has won three consecutive NHRA Division 3 championships (2004-2006), is currently building a ROUSH Mustang with a Stage 3 powertrain.

"As many people know, I first began my motorsports career in drag racing and had a lot of success in the NHRA over the years," said Jack Roush. "I never lost my interest in the sport and have continued to follow it with great enthusiasm since moving on to road racing and now stock cars. I think it is going to be very exciting to see a ROUSH Mustang breaking the beams on the starting line and I really look forward to the day one of our cars captures that first 'Wally' (the nickname of the trophy awarded in NHRA competition in tribute to Wally Parks, the founder of the NHRA)."

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