Motorcyclist dies attempting land speed record on Salt Flats

Tragedy struck the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah last week when 47-year-old Cliff Gullett, of Team Bullet Costella-Gullett Racing, lost control of his bike at nearly 240 mph. Gullett, an experienced racer who held nearly a dozen land speed records on motorcycles, was competing in the 500cc class (two-stroke, two-cylinder) riding the Costella-Gullett Motorcycle Streamliner. He crashed after completing his return run -- the record is pending ratification by the governing racing bodies. A memorial service will be held next Saturday in his hometown of Bozeman, Montana. Our condolences are extended to the entire Gullett family including his wife, son, and daughter. Our appreciation to 3seriesisking for alerting us to the sad news.

[Source: Yahoo! Sports, Photo by Team Bullet]

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