Artega GT to get lightweight four-cylinder, sales in the U.S. "a must"

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Production of the Artega GT is set to begin later this month and even though the budget Cayman competitor is limited to 500 units per year at the automaker's current plant, Artega has plans to expand beginning with new variants of the GT.

Within the next two years, Artega will offer a lightweight, four-cylinder version likely to be powered by one of Volkswagen Auto Group's turbocharged 2.0-liter engines, while a soft-top is slated to go on sale sometime in 2010. The current production center can't handle the increased capacity of two additional models, but an Artega exec says that the company owns enough land to build an extension next to the main plant.

Speaking with CAR, Karlheinz Kalbfell said, "Mid-term U.S. sales are a must. But since we need to prepare ourselves well for this important move, late 2010 looks like the earliest possible date." That's about the same time the convertible should be available, and according to Kalbfell, since "roadsters have traditionally always done well in the U.S.", it would be the perfect time to launch the brand in the States. Needless to say, we're looking forward to getting behind the wheel.

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