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Saleen bringing new Chinese-built S1 sports car to LA Auto Show

It resurrects the Henrik Fisker-designed Artega GT.

The Saleen S1 gets Ford's 2.3-liter, four-cylinder EcoBoost tuned up to 450 horsepower.

Artega returns with 400-hp Scalo EV

German startup Artega is back, transforming the beautiful Artega GT into the new Scalo, now with 400 horses worth of electric power.

Is Spyker's new B6 Venator merely a reskinned Artega GT?

If you thought the recently unveiled Spyker B6 Venator held a few familiar lines, you aren't alone. The keen-eyed crew at AutoBild noticed the new Swedish sportscar looks an awful lot like the new defunct Artega GT. The German manufacturer went bankrupt last year and may have sold off the GT platform to pay off its debts. Given the fact that the B6 Venator cropped up fairly quickly, critics assumed Spyker grabbed the machine's platform from some outside source rather than build the car's bones i

Paragon AG buys bankrupt Artega but doesn't plan to resume production

Artega has been bought by automotive supplier German firm Paragon AG. The fledgling sports car builder filed for bankruptcy in July, and while its staff and facilities have been saved, the Artega GT has not. Paragon makes a range of components from sensors to windshield wipers, but is expanding its EV and kinematics parts development and will use Artega's infrastructure to assist. The slinky, Fisker-designed, Volkswagen-engined, 300-horsepower coupe is not part of those plans.

Artega files for bankruptcy

At the Geneva Motor Show just a few months ago, we noted the fact that Artega, the small German car company selling a single Henrik Fisker-designed coupe, was still a going concern. It even brought an Artega GT with a panoramic roof to the show. According to a short notice posted on its website, however the company remains a going concern, but it's now an insolvent one: Artega has filed for bankruptcy.

Watch this Artega GT blast around an unfinished track filmed with a quadrocopter

You don't hear too much about the Henrik Fisker-designed Artega GT, but its occasional appearances are always welcome. In this episode of Where's Artega Now?, the folks at eGarage worked with Germany's Christopher Kippenberger, who make a quadrocopter designed for capturing aerial footage.

Artega still alive, fits GT with panoramic roof

You know things aren't going to well for Artega when one of the bullet points in its press release is "a completely redesigned infotainment system – and smaller mirrors." But the ambitious niche automaker is still plugging along, preparing to expand its dealer network beyond Europe and into Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and China later this year.

Artega to unveil new roadster in Geneva

The Artega GT has no lack of fans in the ranks of the Autoblog editorial staff. With a shape that shows the likes of the Lotus Evora and Porsche Cayman how things ought to be done and a 3.6-liter V6 with 300 horsepower, the Artega never fails to attract our glances when we see it on the European show stands. But this year, the small German manufacturer is tipped to have a surprise up its sleeve.

Artega sold to Mexican beer baroness

Artega GT – Click above for high-res image gallery

Artega GT roadster rumored to appear in Geneva

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Artega GT production beginning this summer, convertible version planned

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Geneva 2008: Weak in the knees for the Artega GT Intro 2008 Edition

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Artega GT coming in 2008, right-hand drive model a possibility

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Frankfurt 2007: Production perfection - Artega GT

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Artega won't stop, can't stop: GT is only the beginning

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