Castagna creates electric Fiat Tender Two

Wondering how to turn a Fiat 500 into a dinghy, um, we mean a tender? According to Italian coachbuilder Castagna, it can be done. First, remove the top, doors and tailgate. Second, enlarge the sills so that some semblance of structural integrity is maintained. Next, remove the entire interior. Replace the interior with teak wood and wicker accents and add weather-proof seats. Replace the top with some multi-striped canvas for some additional weather protection. Finally, remove the internal combustion engine along with all of its assorted bits and pieces. To make it mobile once again, install an electric drivetrain that is capable of propelling this beastie over 80 miles per hour. Of course, you'd want to travel a good distance, so it is reportedly able to get over 80 miles of range per charge. After taking a look at this conversion, we wonder if the company would just be willing to do the electric drivetrain and leave the rest alone.

[Source: Channel 4]

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