RoadSharing helps you to cyber-hitchhike to save gas

Hitchhiking is a very simple way to share a ride and, sometimes, share gasoline expenses and reduce carbon emissions. In the Netherlands and Belgium there are even some organized hitchhiking centers, where both car drivers and carless people register and meet to share a ride. Well, the same concept has arrived online in various places (see also Zimride and Carticipate), but it's web-based now and it's called Roadsharing. The website works in a very simple way to hitchhikers and drivers in contact with each other in order to share a trip and organize ways to share expenses like tolls and gas. RoadSharing allows you to enter a route you're interested in making with a car or to ask you for a ride. Currently, the page works in five languages - English, Italian, French, Spanish and German - and shows rides available many European countries as well as India, Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

[Source: RoadSharing]

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