Watch out, coppers! It's a solar car, Code Xof1

Is it a secret image taken in Area 51 of a spacefaring vehicle? Has the Mothership come for all of us? Or is it just the aerodynamic slipperiness of the Xof1 (Power of 1) solar powered car?

It's the latter, but that didn't stop someone up in Alaska from thinking suspicious thoughts as Canadian Marcelo da Luz drove his Xof1 down the road. A concerned citizen up there reported a UFO sighting and the police ended up pulling da Luz over to find out what was going on. It was the seventh time that the Xof1 was pulled over on it's emissions free journey.

As you might remember from our 2006 report, da Luz is driving across North America in his sun-powered ride, and you can get more information at the Xof1 project website.

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[Source: NPR, Xof1]

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