Turbonines.com: Saab site takes forums to the next level

With TrollhattanSaab's future uncertain, Saabophiles may be looking elsewhere for their daily news and forum fix. The crew that brought you VWVortex, Fourtitude, MWerks and other make-specific sites has finally created a spin-off of Swedespeed to cater directly to Saab enthusiasts on the web.

TurboNines.com launched yesterday, taking the traditional forum template and replacing it with a cleaner, more intuitive design. Readers familiar with MotiveMag will undoubtedly see a resemblance to the online pub's format, with a news and features section, along with galleries, resources and the traditional discussion forum for users to talk smack and wax poetic on their favorite Swedish marque.

If you're already a member of Motive's other sites, you'll be able to login using your existing user name and password, and even if you're not, a quick visit to TurboNines is worthy of a few minutes of your Thursday.

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