With TrollhattanSaab's future uncertain, Saabophiles may be looking elsewhere for their daily news and forum fix. The crew that brought you VWVortex, Fourtitude, MWerks and other make-specific sites has finally created a spin-off of Swedespeed to cater directly to Saab enthusiasts on the web.

TurboNines.com launched yesterday, taking the traditional forum template and replacing it with a cleaner, more intuitive design. Readers familiar with MotiveMag will undoubtedly see a resemblance to the online pub's format, with a news and features section, along with galleries, resources and the traditional discussion forum for users to talk smack and wax poetic on their favorite Swedish marque.

If you're already a member of Motive's other sites, you'll be able to login using your existing user name and password, and even if you're not, a quick visit to TurboNines is worthy of a few minutes of your Thursday.

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