Schumacher gets caught speeding off the track

More speeding in products from the Volkswagen corporate empire; only this time, the driver was smart and didn't try to run. The driver in this Italian incident, none other than Michael Schumacher, is probably capable of evading the Caribinieri -- though maybe he's not as adept at handling a real car as he is behind the wheel of a four-wheeled fighter jet. Schumi exercised fine judgement and politely accepted his 75 Euro fine, which carries a three-point penalty on his license.
The racing champ told German newspaper Bild that he was "very sorry" and that "it's out of character" because "speeding is for racetracks only." Maybe something's lost in translation, but we have this urge to say "now we know, and knowing is half the battle" after that sparely worded statement. Thanks for the tip, Ahmet!

[Source: F1-Live]

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