Photo of the European Parliament published under the GNU Documentation License

Ok, I have to admit that this is becoming quite the complicated story. The basics are that the European Parliament intends to limit the average CO2 emission figures for auto manufacturers. The initial goal was to set the limit to 120 g/km in 2012 and the measure included considerable fines for automakers exceeding these limits. Not long ago, we heard that the European Commission was considering a less restrictive limit of 130 g/km for 2012 and other possible capitulations. Now, Greenpeace is accusing the European Parliament's Industry Commission of suggesting new limits instead: 120 g/km limit for 2015 and 95 g/km for 2020. The final outcome of this new legislation is still pending: It will be decided during the summit of the European Ministers of Environmental Affairs and the European Commission once the European Parliament's Environmental Affairs Commission votes next week.

[Source: Greenpeace via Portal del Medioambiente]

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