Finally, a Trabant that's worth something

Ah, the Trabant 601; endowed with a smoketacular two-stroke engine until its very last years and a body made of a toxic recycled plastic that's similar to what toilet seats are made of, though it's strangely edible. There's a lot of fondness surrounding East Germany's automotive leftovers, though maybe that's because you can't get rid of one unless you feed it to your goat. A Berlin stamp dealer has covered his Trabi with more than 3,000 pieces of postage, possibly adding a huge amount of value (i.e. some) to his hunk of Duroplast. The sticky-backed decorations have been presumably preserved with a clearcoat so that one good rainstorm doesn't wash it all away, and should Scharam Farahbakhsh ever want to travel with his car, he can ship it ahead of himself.

[Source: Spluch via oobject]

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