Smart ED test is in full swing in Islington, UK

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We're already jealous of people who get to test drive the all-electric smart ed, but what about people who get to drive them day after day? Daimler released photos today (see gallery below) of just such a test fleet in Islington, UK. The test of the diminutive two-seaters is being conducted by partners Urban Splash, Islington and Coventry Councils, Foster & Partners, CarbonNeutral Company, EDF Energy and Amey, according to BenzInsider.

If you're curious why we like the smart ed so much, check out Daimler's own description of the ride, which reminds us that these cars can go over 70 miles between full, eight-hour charges and get 300 mpge. Thanks to the UK's increasing availability of public EV charging stations, Daimler says that the smart ed's daily operational range in the London area is around 100 miles. Yeah, we're jealous.

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[Source: BenzInsider, Daimler]

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