HUMMER crashes Burning Man in a big way

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The theme of this year's Burning Man festival out in the desert of Nevada was "The American Dream." There are few things in this world that embody the American spirit more than the automobile, and transportation of all sorts was on display at this year's festivities. We already showed you The Dogsled, which made its first appearance at the Woodward Dream Cruise just a few weeks before but was actually designed and built for Burning Man. That machine was truly impressive, but take a good look at this Hummer replica that towered over the unique individuals who gathered themselves together at the Playa, a wide desert expanse at the festival. As you can see from the video embedded after the break, the Bummer Hummer was made from wood and painted up in all sorts of crazy hues. According to one party-goer, "It is a statement on the consumerism culture of America, especially with gas at $5 a gallon nowadays." They must be from California. Of course, the wooden Hummer burned in the end. Thanks for the tip, Patrick!

Check out more vehicles from Burning Man 2008 in our gallery below.

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[Source: SFGate, photos by bmiller1710 | CC2.0]

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