This is why Tesla brought the Roadsters to Europe

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OK, so if you were wondering what could be gained by schlepping a batch of Tesla Roadsters across the pond, I have your answer: convincing European automotive journalists that EVs are wicked cool.

Take, for example, the feelings of Guido Reinking, the editor of Automobilwoche. Before feeling what it's like to be behind the wheel of a Roadster recently, he thought that EVs offered a pathetic future and that electric-powered vehicles were more suited for public transportation than cars. Of EVs, he said, "Aren't they completely sterile, bereft of any emotion, just another appliance?"

He's changed his tune. According to his piece in Automotive News Europe, Reinking now says that, "Anyone harboring such misconceptions needs to take a test drive in a Tesla Roadster." It's a feeling we know, and know well.

Sure, Reinking noted the Roadster's problems, as we noted last week, but I thought the change of mind that Reinking had should be brought up on its own. After all, everyone is going to have their first experience with EVs in the coming decade (give or take) and the more positive those can be, the better the chances will be for battery-powered vehicles.

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[Source: Automotive News Europe]

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