Apartment block gets "in house" car sharing

Residents of Radnor Park in Clydebank, Scotland have a new transportation alternative in the form of three new cars to share amongst themselves. And although the car-sharing arrangement does require them to pay a fee of £5 for a day's worth of car time, they won't need to worry about paying for petrol or polluting their fair city since the vehicles in question are all-electric Mega Citys. What about the "long tailpipe" that's potentially leads back to a coal-fired power plant? Not to worry as these vehicles are supplied by excess power from a small plant shared by the seven buildings for heat and electricity.
The program is the first of its kind in Scotland and was funded by a £37,000 Community Scotland grant. The director of the Clydebank Housing Association ( CHA), Fiona Webster, says the shared power combined with the shared cas make this Radnor Park one of the most sustainable communities in Britain. The only problem we for see is perhaps the electric cars becoming too popular and being declared a success.

[Source: BBC / CHA]

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